PrintSpace is dedicated to the exploration and experimentation of printmaking techniques. For novice and experienced alike, PrintSpace is designed for small group workshops as well as private rental for press or studio time.
Press rental for experienced printmakers is available.  Schedule through email at:
Workshops and Schedule
Workshops include all materials, but you are encouraged to bring drawings, ideas, and any special material you would like to use.  Please register one week in advance!

Bright Spot
Drop -In Sundays
Anytime between 11-3pm

Bright Spot was designed to allow participants a stress free environment to learn about the beauty of monoprint/monotype. 
Drop in any Sunday between the hours of 11-3.  For $30, you will receive 5 papers to print on, a 5” x 7” plate, ink and press assistance. Imagery will be developed by painting or rolling ink onto a plexiglass plate.  Choose to use simple stencils or textures, layering colors to enhance images. 
Each participant will choose one print to leave behind.  It will be adhered to a card and delivered to a resident at the Lutheran Augustana Center for Extended Care and Rehabilitation.
It is my hope to have enough cards in a week to deliver to a wing in the facility, creating a Bright Spot for a patient.

$60 per session

Collagraph is a versatile medium and a great introduction to printmaking.  Creating plates out of low relief objects, heavy cardstock or file folders, masking tape layers, basically anything that changes the planar surface of a plate can be adhered and printed either by hand or with the press.  Think of it as making a crayon rubbing of a penny, and you will begin to understand how it works.
All supplies are included, but if you have a special, low relief object you would like to print, bring it along!
Space is limited to 4 people. 
Free Demo:  Oct. 26  6-8 pm
Workshops:  Nov. 2, 9, 15
6-9 pm
$60 per session.  2-3 sessions recommended.
Bring an idea for an image and be ready to transfer it to a linoleum block. We will look at different linocuts and talk about the positive and negative spaces involved in the carving process.
Participants will leave with an edition of 10 - 4" x 6" images. 
Space is limited to 4 people. 
The Home Project:  A Collagraph Workshop
TBD.  Email to schedule 
3 hour session
Add your idea of Home to the Home Project! (Click on "The Home Project" from the home page for further description.) Construct your own collagraph plate based on the idea of "Home" and experiment with printing using various techniques and colors. All materials are provided. Additional printing sessions can be scheduled.
Space limited to 6 people.

Free Demo:  Sept. 7   6-8 pm
Workshops:  Sept. 14, Sept. 28, Oct. 5  6-9 pm
$60 per session

Drypoint on a PETG plastic plate!  Bring a drawing to place under the clear plate to begin the drypoint process. You will be using a variety of tools to engrave the plate allowing for ink to be pushed into those lines and marks.  A second plate may be used for adding color through the monoprint process.  Image size is 5" x 7".
Participants leave with an edition of 5 prints.
Space limited to 4 people.
Monotype and Chine Colle
TBD.  Email to schedule 
3 hour session
Using plexiglass as a matrix, experiment with imagery using subtractive and direct painting techniques. 
Bring drawings along if you would like to reference them underneath the plexiglass while painting the plate imagery. 
Chine collie will allow you to adhere separate papers to your printing paper during the printing process. The papers can add texture, color, or pattern to your image.
Space limited to 4 people.
Art Teacher Day Spa
TBD.  Email to schedule 
3 hour session
For art teachers or those who want to connect with the artistic process…thinking with their hands and materials. This is a very open ended workshop where participants will be using the same materials their students are using in the classroom.  While working with the materials, we can share ideas around the properties of the materials, artistic process, methodology and sequencing, materials management, and curricular links.  Return to your classroom rejuvenated!
TBD.  Email to schedule 
3 hour session
Understand the difference between Monotype and Monoprint in these sessions.  
Monotype will be using plexiglass as a matrix, experimenting with imagery using subtractive and direct painting techniques.
Monoprint will be using plexiglass or another matrix, that has marks or textures on the surface, acting as a template.  It allows for variations on an image.
Space limited to 4 people.
Gelli Printing
TBD.  Email to schedule 
3 hour session
Monotypes with a twist:  Add stencils to a gelli plate, experimenting with layering inks and blocking out areas of the plate.  
Space limited to 6 people.
 Equipment and supplies include:
26" x 48" Charles Brand Etching Press
Paper trays
Assorted brayers
Limited engraving and etching tools, roulettes
Limited inks:  oil and water based 
Clean up materials (mineral oil degreaser)
Rags, paper towel
Additional Press or Studio time can be arranged through :  
Open Press or Studio time ( 2-4 people): $15/hour per person, with 2 hour minimum
Private Press or Studio time:  $20/hour with 2 hour minimum.
These sessions are for artists working independently, needing little support with press or studio operations.  Responsible for own cleanup.
Artists requiring technical support:  $30/hr.
Bring your own plates, printing papers, and special inks.
Want to conduct a workshop?  Email your proposal!
Studio Location:
509 Senator Street, Brooklyn, NY  11220
N, R Train to 59th Street. Bay Ridge Ave R train station is under construction until October 2017.  Easy bus transfer along 3rd or 5th Aves, or walk from 59th or 77th Streets (R Train stop)   Studio is between 5th and 6th Aves, just off of 5th.
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